A Comprehensive Guide to Hardwood Flooring Care and Maintenance

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Hardwood floorings are a great option to make your house look aesthetic and beautiful. It adds a sense of warmth and comfort, and character. Wooden floors are highly durable; hence it is a significant investment for long-term usability. However, this kind of flooring demands routine care and maintenance. To prolong its lifespan, you should maintain it for utmost performance. Consult the professionals for wood flooring in Oxted for accurate installation and fitting.


Techniques of Cleaning Hardwood Flooring


  1. General Cleaning

The expert recommends vacuuming or sweeping the floors to remove dirt, dust, and grim. Attach a vacuuming brush to avoid scratches and avoid beater bar heads for cleaning. You should use only specialised cleaning agents instead of homemade solutions consisting of acid, bleach or other harsh chemicals. Never rub hard on the floor; instead, follow the directions of spray and mop dry. Also, avoid using steam cleaners since it does more damage than good.


Wood and moisture do not go together. Therefore, avoid using a wet cloth to clean the wood floor. The repeated process of wet-dry will cause the floor quality to deteriorate, especially along the edges.


Never use wax, soap, lemon or vinegar. To remove liquid spills, use a soft cloth or fabric and pat it dry. Damage becomes unavoidable if excess water seeps into the floor.


  1. Avoiding scratches

It is advisable to use floor protecting guards to avoid scratches on the wooden floors. You can find different varieties and size of floor-protecting pads available in the market. Wood floors are damaged from barrel type caster wheels or flat glides. If you are moving heavy furniture around, you should maintain caution to prevent indenting, gouging or scratching. Avoid dragging heavy objects like steel over these floors.


Adding area rugs is another useful option to prevent moisture and dirt from damaging the floor. It is essential to make sure that the backing of the rugs is soft. Do not use rubber or plastic mats. The rigid hard backing of the rugs acts like sandpaper which scratches the floor. Impermeable plastic mats also trap moisture which tends to discolour the wooden floor.


  1. Cleaning stains of Hardwood Flooring

If there are stain spots from food or grease, never use a wax based cleaner. Instead, the expert advises using a dampened pad with cleaners, which is not abrasive or will damage the wooden finish. If possible, wipe up the spills immediately to prevent the spot from spreading.


  1. Retain colour

For hardwood floors, colour damage is evident if you keep them under direct sunlight. Too much sunlight produces heat, causing the floor to dry out. Eventually, the floor starts contracting, and the wood panels start to split up.

On the other hand, to retain the colour of the area under the rugs, you should move it from time to time so that floor shines under the light.


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