Facts About Laminate Flooring that Makes it A Sustainable Option

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In today’s home decor trends, there is an increased use of sustainable materials. These materials are environmentally friendly, made from natural substances and do not pollute the surroundings when thrown away. From wall painting to flooring, you can find various sustainable materials in a property.


More About Laminate Flooring:

Talking about flooring a property, there is an upward trend of using laminate flooring. When you incorporate the material into your house, it automatically upgrades its overall aesthetics. It is also a naturally sourced material that does not affect the environment. Most laminate flooring materials are sourced from wood.


Why is Laminate Flooring Considered Eco-Friendly?

Many choose laminate flooring in Reigate for their home due to its positive environmental impact. A number of factors make it an eco-friendly option. More is discussed in detail in the following section.


  • It is Recyclable: In many cases, the laminate used in flooring is generally made of recycled materials. It includes the pre-consumer waste gathered in the timber mills. Wood chips and sawdust are some other common laminate materials that you can commonly find. This shows that laminate is a nature-friendly material that can be recycled and repurposed.


  • Flooring Laminate Improves the Air: In traditional flooring, there is a wide usage of different types of chemicals. Using these chemicals in joining the floors of the interiors can be harmful. However, to join the laminate flooring parts, the resin is used as a primary binder. It is a natural product that does not harm the air inside the room. Using resin as a binder can be particularly helpful in improving the interior air and ensuring the good health of the occupants.


  • Made from Renewable Materials: Unlike other flooring materials, laminate is typically made from reusable materials. The primary raw material includes a wood of faster-growing conifers, like pine. While manufacturing the material, there is a minimal emission of Carbon Dioxide. Most laminate flooring manufacturers and suppliers source wood from renewable plantations. So, there is practically zero chance of deforestation.


For all these reasons, laminate flooring materials are considered eco-friendly. If you want to apply them to your floor, get in touch with the experts like Inspiral Flooring. We are one of the reputable names for laminate flooring in Reigate. Here, we can provide you with a wide range of flooring options that match the mood and vibe of your interiors. You can get the help of experts for installation. To learn more about us, you can visit our website today.