Five Carpet Fitting Mistakes That Every Carpet Fitter Needs to Avoid

Carpet Floorings

Are you thinking of installing a new carpet in your home? It is definitely a feasible decision. A carpet improves the aesthetic value of the house. Moreover, it also cuts down the noise. However, there are a few common mistakes that every carpet fitter ends up making, which can lead to improper carpet installation. If you want a completely flawless look, you must ensure that your carpet is fitted correctly.

For that, you need to know the mistakes and discuss the same with your carpet fitter. Make sure you hire professional carpet fitters in Horley so they can avoid such mistakes.


Common carpet fitting problems of inexperienced carpet fitters

They do not have proper fitting tools

For proper installation of carpets, proper fitting tools are necessary. You will meet many inexperienced carpet fitters who need the right set of tools required for the job. Proper carpet glue, measuring tape and carpet cutting and trimming machines are necessary for fitting purposes. If the same is not present, proper installation will not be possible.

They do not match the carpet with the interior

Many carpet fitters will choose the carpet without paying attention to the house’s interiors. When you hire the carpet fitter, make sure that you discuss this aspect. Whenever necessary, consult with a professional interior designer about the design of the carpet. Carpet fitters should check the interiors and match the carpets accordingly.

They do not provide detailed quotations

The carpet fitters must provide detailed quotations about the rates and fitting services. Then, you should avoid hiring them. There might be cases where the professional fitter will charge more on the pretext of additional services. To avoid this issue, get a detailed price quotation with rates from the fitter.

They do not clean the house before installation

It is a common practice to clean the floor before the carpet is installed. If the carpet fitter doesn’t follow the same, inform them about the same. Fitting carpet on an unclean floor will make it look uneven. You’ll only get the flawless texture and smoothness of the carpet floors if the carpets are fitted well.

They do not measure the floor space

Another grave mistake many fitters make is not measuring the floor space. If the carpet is installed without measuring the floor space, then the carpet will not cover the entire floor area.

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