Is it Time to Choose Engineered Wood over Traditional Wood Flooring?

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Wooden flooring has been a popular choice among property owners for a long time. It is capable of changing the aesthetics of a room. Most choose hardwood flooring to give a classy appeal. However, the material is not always reliable. It can get affected due to temperature and other external factors.

About Engineered Wood Flooring:

Nowadays, many homeowners are choosing engineered wood as a flooring material. It is resistant to weather change and can perform well against moisture. The flooring is done by placing multiple layers of wood. This makes it much more durable and effective than other wooden flooring materials.

Why Consider Engineered Wood Over other Materials?

Engineered wood should be your top pick if you consider getting wood flooring in Reigate. Below, you can find some reasons to choose it over other wooden flooring materials.

  • No Need for A Subfloor: Establishing a subfloor over the concrete surface is necessary for wooden flooring. You cannot install the hardwood flooring plank directly on the surface. However, engineered wood flooring saves you from this trouble. This feature helps you save a lot of time and money during the flooring process.
  • A Stable Option: Engineered wood flooring is established on multiple layers of wood. This makes it much more stable and reliable than traditional wood flooring. Composite wood is the main component of engineered wood flooring, which can perform better against moisture. You can remain free from the worries of expansion, contractions and cracks due to weather changes.
  • Multiple Options for Installation: Engineered wooden flooring gives you several options for installation. They are simple and take lesser time when compared with other flooring materials. As you do not need to establish a subfloor, you can install the floor much faster. Some popular options for installing engineered wooden floors are stapling, glueing and floating.
  • Can be Installed Anywhere: This flooring option does not have many restrictions on the location. You can put it in any room, including the places with maximum moisture and humidity. Engineered wood can be easily placed on your basement floor. You do not need to worry about spending a large amount on maintenance.

These reasons will help you get an in-depth knowledge of engineered wooden flooring. It will be practical for you to install it from a recognised source. Consult Inspiral Flooring, well-known for providing different wood flooring in Reigate. You can get friendly assistance from our experts while installing a quality wooden floor. For more details, visit our website.