Laminate Flooring Vs Hardwood Flooring – Choosing the Right One

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Flooring is probably one of those factors in house building that seeks much attention from the property owners. Often they feel confused because of the variety of flooring available in the market. In this competitive industry, laminate flooring and hardwood flooring are the two biggest competitors. As the homeowners, you may be curious to know which one is the winner and how to select the best one for your home.

Understood the individual needs of every home. The flooring that is good for one may not be ideal for the other one. So, you should consider various factors to determine the best flooring for your home between hardwood and laminate.

Know the Top Features of Both these Flooring Types


Laminate is thin multi-layered synthetic flooring that fused with the help of a lamination process. It generally has a top layer image of stone or wood. On the other hand, solid hardwood flooring is made of 100% wood with a chemical finish to get that shiny look.

Installation Process of Hardwood & Laminate Flooring

It is easy to install laminate flooring; hence homeowners love to take it as a DIY task. It is typically installed as a floating floor because you do not need to add any glue or fasteners to click the pieces together. However, hardwood flooring installation demands a particular skill. Only the trained flooring experts can perform the task flawlessly. To install the hardwood flooring on a surface special tools and solutions required.

Floor Finish

Laminate flooring does not require any initial finishing. The floor comes with the finish and coating, so additional recoating at the time of installation is not needed. If you choose prefinished hardwood flooring, then you do not need to get any other finishing after the installation. However, the unfinished hardwood demand sanding and finishing once the installation is done. This is again a job of the professionals, and you need to depend on the expertise of the sanding experts.

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Cost of the Hardwood & Laminate Flooring

Even the best quality laminate flooring is cheaper than hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is one of the most expensive options in the flooring industry that you can try for your home. If budget is an issue for you, then you should probably like to get laminate flooring instead of the expensive hardwood flooring. However, for homeowners who love to get luxurious elements for their homes, hardwood flooring is the ultimate solution.

Durability and Appearance

The high-quality laminate floors look like the real woods from a distance. On the other hand, the hardwood floors look gorgeous, alluring and classy all the time. The premium quality laminate floors can last for a maximum ten years; with the help of proper maintenance. When it comes to durability, hardwood flooring is unbeatable. They last for the lifetime and even more.

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