Need Wood Flooring In Epsom? 5 Materials To Choose From

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Though all the flooring options available in the market are popular and appealing. The demand for hardwood floors is always quite high. You can add a touch of elegance to your home by installing wood floors. They are easy to clean, durable and helps in improving the air quality in your house. Visit any experienced wood flooring installer in Epsom and they will choose from a wide variety of materials. Enhancing your knowledge about them is a must so that you can choose one which suits your flooring needs and budget.

Few Types Of Wood Flooring You Can Choose From Your Floors In Epsom

  • Mahogany Wood Flooring

Colour and beauty are the two primary reasons why the demand for mahogany wood flooring is always quite high. It is not just about flooring but the material is also widely used to make boats, musical instruments and furniture. Install them as flooring and reap benefits like high durability and water-resistance. They can render any house a classic and timeless look.

  • Hickory

If you live in a log or rustic homes, opt for hickory wood as they provide one of the hardest exteriors. The material can endure a lot of traffic so you don’t have to worry about their performance deteriorating after a few years. Hickory wood floors will be the best investment if you have three or more children in your family and looking for something durable.

Inspiral Flooring Services

  • Oak Wood Flooring

It is one of the most common flooring materials in North America. The material is quite strong which makes them resistant to deep scratches and dents. If you are one of those homeowners who want to avoid area rugs, opt for oak flooring. The material is available in a wide variety of stains and grain patterns so that you can choose one according to your flooring requirements. Even if the floors seem old and worn after a few years, just refinish them and get back their lost appeal.

  • Pine

Though pine is considered to be a character wood instead of hardwood. the material is widely preferred by people looking for wood flooring in Epsom. The pinholes and knots have kept the material’s popularity high even after years. The soft nature of this material preferred by those who don’t want a rough touch on their feet. Pinewood is available at very competitive prices.

  • Cherry

If you have a liking for dark hardwood floors, opt for cherry wood as the material darkens with the passage of time. Though they are easy to maintain and offer a great finish. They can easily get scratched which makes them unsuitable for rooms which have to face a lot of traffic. You can get back their lost appeal by sanding them.

Right now you are aware of the common types of hardwood. It’s the time you choose one and hire an experienced wood floor installer in Epsom.