Things You Should Know About Sustainable Wood Flooring Before Getting New Floors

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One of the tried and true tenets of homeownership is that new flooring is one of the most impactful upgrades, barring a complete makeover. The increasing number of homeowners of Reigate are upgrading to move to environmentally friendly products. They desire wood flooring in Reigate to be made sustainable.
Compared to solid hardwoods, engineered wood uses a lot less of the tree per plank, which makes it a more natural and environmentally friendly product. It’s an obvious environmental choice because it’s also better for the air you breathe than other manufactured goods like LVTs and bamboo floors, which require hazardous glue during the manufacturing process.
However, how will you determine if the engineered wood flooring you’re thinking about is sustainable, and what exactly does sustainability entail? Before purchasing new flooring. Here are some points to put together a list of what you should know about sustainability.


The Two vital points of sustainability

The distinction between sustainable and green

“Green” has been used to characterise products having any redeeming environmental value since it became a marketing catchphrase. For example, a flooring product may be classified as green even if the brand does not meet standards for manufacture or disposal. It is made from renewable resources. Conversely, sustainable hardwood flooring is held to a far higher standard since it cannot get compromised. The advantages for the environment, society, economy, or public health throughout its life cycle. Harvest, manufacture, packing, consumption, and disposal are all included in this. While some flooring products have embraced sustainability, most still need to meet these standards.

Ensure that the supplier you are purchasing from is reputable

An online search for sustainable wood flooring in Reigate will likely land you on several retailers’ sites. While most are trustworthy, some engage in the dishonest and deceptive practice known as “greenwashing with logos.” What is meant by that? This implies that a merchant carrying even a single brand of certified sustainable hardwood flooring may display the certification badge of that product on their website, creating the false impression that they hold certifications for ALL of their products.This leaves the customer in the awful situation of questioning whether the flooring installed in their house is truly as green as they were told.

Three options arise when you see certified sustainable trademarks on a retailer’s website: There are three possible scenarios:

  1. The retailer is deliberately unethical;
  2. The corporation is ignorant that placing the logo on their web page is deceptive; or
  3. Every product is truly sustainable. How are you going to be certain?

Visit the manufacturer’s website to research the product you are considering. Suppose the product is certified sustainable hardwood flooring. In that case, the producer will likely link from the logo on their website to the certifying authority that licences the logo in addition to prominently displaying the certifications. You can always contact the merchant and ask them to clarify if you need help to obtain the information you require in that manner.


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