Various Ways How Humidity Can Damage Your Hardwood Flooring

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Winter is not only about snow and cold weather but also about the nice evenings you enjoy by the fire. No wonder, the level of humidity inside your house increases drastically. This has a negative impact on your new and expensive hardwood flooring as they are made using wood. It is a natural material which reacts with various elements, including water. Though the modern wood floor is specially manufactured to minimise the impact of humidity, always try to maintain proper humidity levels.

Consider Indoor Air Quality

The quality and performance of your hardwood floors are largely dependent on the indoor air quality. If you want to prevent environmental health threats, make sure that the indoor air is healthy. It should be clean, fresh and have a proper level of humidity. You can stay healthy and comfortable if the humidity level is between 40 to 50%. It becomes 30 to 40% during winter, which can lead to condensation on the windows. It can also become 50 to 55% during summer, which leads to mould growth and dust mite infestations.

The Right Humidity Level For Hardwood Floors

If you want to ensure the proper performance of your wood flooring, ensure that the level of humidity in your room is between 30 to 50%. There are a few countries in the UK where achieving this range can be a daunting task. The best you can do is to let the flooring supplier know your requirement, and they will customise the floors accordingly. Engineered wood flooring is more stable than solid wood flooring and can provide superior performance even when the humidity level is high.

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2 Common Dryness Problems In Hardwood Floors

  • Gaps

Gaps developing between wooden planks are a common issue in areas with low humidity level. Sometimes, the gaps become quite noticeable and look like cracks or spaces between the wood planks. The gaps close once the humidity level increases.

  • Splits

The wood can become stressed if the floor faces extreme condition. The quality of the wood deteriorates, and the floor becomes brittle. If you ever notice that the boards have split or cracked, get them replaced.

Since you now know the various ways how humidity can damage your hardwood flooring, try to maintain the humidity level or change the wood floor when required.