5 Amazing Benefits of Applying Carpet on Your Stairs

Carpet Floorings

Have you established a final plan for flooring your home? If not, you can try different creative ideas. Covering the floors with carpets is one of them. Its economic, long-lasting and aesthetic at the same time.


Carpeting Stairs:

One of the popular trends in flooring is carpeting the stairs. It is a practical decoration idea that one can apply to different types of houses. It also doesn’t cost much, and you can explore different designs for a creative finish.


Why Fit Carpet on Your Stairs?

Fitting good quality carpet on the stairs can also offer you different benefits. Communicate with your carpet fitters beforehand to experience these advantages:


  • It feels soft: A staircase can be designed with different elements like hardwood or vinyl finish. But placing carpet on it makes it much softer. You will get a cosy and smooth feel with every step you take on them.
  • Noise Proof: Carpets are soft and fuzzy, so they automatically absorb sound. Applying it on the stairs will eliminate the usual stomping noise that happens in each step. Cotton carpets act as a natural barrier to sound.
  • Natural Insulators: You don’t need an insulator beside your staircase when it’s decorated with carpets. Carpets do not have a smooth finish like other materials, so they act as insulators. Whenever you step on the stairs, you will feel warm.
  • Best for Pets: The material used in carpeting the stairs act as a cushion. It can prevent fall-related accidents to your four-legged companions. It also prevents the scratches made by the claws of the pets. Flooring materials like wood can get scratches from the claws of the animals.
  • Pocket Friendly: Carpeting staircase is an effective idea for flooring compared to other materials. It is easy to purchase, measure and install on the staircase. Carpeting the staircase also do not need regular maintenance works. A regular dusting and water cleaning session keeps the glaze of the staircase for years.


These reasons show why carpeting is a great flooring idea. It looks great on homes of all sizes. Apart from being inexpensive, it is also a natural substance that doesn’t require any maintenance headaches.


If you want quality installation assistance, you can visit Inspiral Flooring. They have a professional team of carpet fitters in Reigate who can help carpet the staircase. They can provide good quality flooring work in both residential and commercial properties.