A Comprehensive Guide for Measuring Floors for Carpet Fitting

Carpet Floorings

If you are looking for a cost-effective yet stylish way to enhance your room aesthetics, carpet is the best option. Though it is virtually a permanent installation, you can always modify it according to the need of your room. Additionally, it is much easier to clean carpets than other flooring options.


Why are Measurements Important?


When you decide to install carpet in your home, you must consider a very important factor: measuring your room. To ensure perfect carpet fitting, you will always be advised to get the perfect measurement. If you do not have the exact idea of the floor idea measurement, you will end up paying for an extra amount, which will ultimately be wasted.


How to Fit Carpet Properly with Measurement?


In this blog, you can get a detailed study about the tips for measuring the room for carpet fitting. You can always take help from a carpet fitter in Oxted to get the perfect measurements.


  • Keep in Mind the Pile Direction: Pile direction is important in measuring the carpet area. You should always keep the pile direction consistent for the perfect carpet fitting. Do not deviate from the direction of the pile; otherwise, it will seriously affect the aesthetics of your room. Try to run the carpet direction along with the direction of the foot traffic.


  • Measurement for Closets: Cupboards and walk-in closets are generally small, dark spaces. These corners give you very little chance to distribute the carpet measurement equally. However, do not forget the basic rule of following the pile direction. For closets, you might utilise some off-cuts from other parts of the interiors.


  • Solution for Wider Rooms: If you have a big hallway or a kitchen area, you might face this problem. Let’s assume you bought a custom-sized carpet for your room. But upon application, you see that it does not completely cover the floor’s width. In this case, you would obviously need additional carpet to cover the empty area. Now, the length of the carpet should be less than its width. Ultimately, it will cover the empty area and save you from paying extra.


These are some solutions for carpet measurement for your room. Get help from a professional team of carpet fitters in Oxted for the perfect application. You can contact Inspiral Flooring, a trusted name in this field. They have years of experience installing carpets in both residential and commercial properties. If you want to know more, you can visit their website today.