Time to Learn More about Different Wood Flooring Finishes

wood flooring

Wood flooring, especially hardwood, is a special and valuable addition to the property. You can browse a number of choices and find the one that perfectly matches the interiors’ vibes. Using wood in flooring can help improve your property’s aesthetic and monetary value.

Try Wooden Flooring Finishes for Better Gloss:

To make your flooring arrangement look gorgeous, you should try perfect finishing. Applying the finish not only makes the floor shine but also protects the top coat. You can find several finishes for your wood flooring in Reigate. Try the one that suits well with the flooring material.

Popular Kinds of Finishes for Wooden Floors:

In this blog, you can find the most common types of finishes found for wooden floors. This will help you to learn more about each type and choose one that matches your preference.

  • Wax: Even though you will find soaring popularity of urethane finishes in the current day, wax is a popular choice to refinish wooden floors. If you live in a medieval-themed property, you can try this finish on your floor. You will definitely like its low sheen, natural look. It is much easier to apply and maintain compared to other floor finishes.
  • Shellac: If you want a natural finish on your wooden floor, you should try shellac. It is manufactured by mixing denatured alcohol and secretion of lac bugs. It has been a popular element to offer floors with a perfect shine. It is easy to apply and can act as a natural sealant to wood. It also dries faster, so you need not worry about the visible lap lines.
  • Oil-Based Polyurethane: If your floor has high foot traffic, this is the option for you to try. It contains elements that can highlight the original beauty of your floor. You do not have to worry about frequent refinishes or touch-ups. Mere sweeping or vacuuming the floor will be enough to maintain the original floor finish.
  • Aluminium Oxide: This is the option to try if you want a long-lasting finish on your wooden floor. It is the perfect option to protect the floor from scratches and regular wear and tear. You can also customise the level of glossiness.

To maintain the original aesthetics of the floor and maintain it properly, you can try any of these finishes. For better assistance in applying wooden flooring in Reigate, you can try contacting Inspiral Flooring. We are one of the professional names in this field. For more details, visit our website.