What are the Best Carpet Options for Areas with High Foot Traffic?

Carpet Floorings

Applying carpet in the home is an important requirement to keep a room organised and healthy. Many owners may opt for carpeting all rooms at once. This is particularly beneficial, especially if someone wants to save money on carpet installation.

Choose Your Carpet Wisely:

However, this process is not as easy as it sounds. There are various forms of carpets, which differ from one another in different aspects. The materials of the carpets vary according to their usage. To enhance the best utilisation, you must divide the property according to foot traffic.

Suitable Carpets for High Foot Traffic Areas:

You need the help of carpet fitters in Horley for the perfect help in installation. Some specialised carpet materials are suitable for high foot traffic areas. More about the carpets are discussed in detail below.

  • Cut Pile: These carpets contain fibres looped with the tops and then cut into short tufts of yarns. Compiling all these together make up a cut pile carpet. It is one of the popular choices of carpets in both residential and commercial properties. Cut piles are extremely durable but may not withstand crushing.
  • Wool Fibre Carpet: This is one of the natural alternatives you can apply to your property. It is one of the excellent options for flooring as it is resistant to fire and stain. The woollen fibre carpet is extremely resistant to crushing. So, you can remain sure of having a carpet with a nice shape for several years. Though woollen fibre carpets are a bit more expensive than other materials, it is an investment that can remain intact for a long time.
  • Frieze: This carpet includes tightly twisted fibres which are eventually cut short. It is a better alternative for short pile carpets. When you apply this carpet to the floor, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it often. The carpet is a natural repellent of dust and dirt. This quality makes it easy to clean and maintain. The carpet can hide the footprints more effectively than any other carpeting material.

These are the most popular options of carpets that you can apply in high foot traffic areas. You can try searching for these carpets from reputable carpeting professionals. Take help from Inspiral Flooring, a team of qualified carpet fitters in Horley. We have years of experience installing carpets in residential and commercial properties. To get a suitable carpet material of your choice, you can visit our website today.