Avoid these problems by installing polished hardwood floors

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Wooden floorings are indeed a great investment for the home. It has a natural appeal and texture. But to maintain its value for many years, every homeowner should perform regular maintenance to avoid damages to them. While some common problems crop up, you can prevent them effectively by installing premium hardwood floors by a reliable company for wood flooring in Reigate.   

Common Floor Problems

From spills and stains to high foot traffic, flooring problems are a common occurrence in every household. Floors take a serious beating every day; therefore, it is necessary to maintain them on a regular basis. The frequent issues which create trouble are as follows –

  • Excess moisture content causing fungi and mildew growth
  • Continuous foot traffic causing easy wear and tear
  • High humidity in the air causes the floor to expand or contract, also leaving gaps in between.
  • With use over a long time, the floor begins to fade or discolour. The shine and gloss also wear out. The floor loses its originality and clarity.


Advantages of Hardwood Floors

As time passes, more homeowners prefer to use hardwood floors because of their attraction and appeal. It adds warmth and character to the house, also making it look beautiful. Although it can be slightly higher in cost, you can increase its longevity with proper maintenance and management.


The following are the list of advantages that it offers –

  • High Durability – Wooden floor planks are made from solid engineered wood, which is durable and resistant to wear and tear. Since the product is natural, it holds great warmth than artificial laminates. They are also comfortable to walk on than marble or tiles floor.
  • Hygiene – Wooden floors are easy to clean and maintain over time. They are naturally resistant to liquid spills and is therefore incredibly easy to maintain. Spreading a carpet on the floor also emanates an attractive outlook.
  • Easy to clean and maintain – Wood floors are an excellent option to keep the house free from allergies. They do not harbour parasites, allergens, dust mites, ticks, flies etc. Consequently, it improves air quality. You can also sweep it clean by mopping or using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Add value – Buyers prefer houses that have strong hardwood flooring. Since it is low maintenance, long-lasting and cost-effective, it adds a timeless charm to the interiors.
  • Does not lose the shine – Wooden floors retain their colour, shine and gloss for a long time. You can also get it refurnished easily, without incurring high costs.

At Inspiral Flooring, we cater to both domestic and international clients. We also provide superior quality wooden flooring and installation service at the most cost-effective price rates.