Wooden flooring Trends For The Year 2021 with traditional styles

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Wooden flooring trends for the year 2021 work wonders with a perfect combination of traditional styles with a new, contemporary designer outlook. Focusing on a natural finish and being comfortable and affordable, the wood floorings continue to reign supreme as one of the most widely opted flooring choices.

While natural hardwood floors go back to the 1600s, you can effortlessly associate them with sophisticated, classy and elegant homes. They are long-lasting, sustainable and can be easily maintained and refinished. Most importantly, it will always have a high demand in the housing market.

2021 Hardwood Flooring Trends To Look Out For

1. Wire brushed hardwood

Just like the name implies, the manufacturers finish this flooring type by scarping a wire brush on the wooden surface. It renders a weathered appearance that you can achieve with the help of a professional. They pull out the soft parts so that the heart grain turns more apparent. While some people think that the surface is ruined, the reality is different. The wood gets a smooth finish and feel, along with a shiny surface. You can easily hide the scratches or dents if there are any.

2. White Oak

Wood floorings made from oak is highly durable. It provides the interiors with a smooth and tight finish and matches well with contemporary home decor. White oak is impervious to an excess moisture content than red oak. It is also a versatile flooring option that people can avail of for a sophisticated finish.

3. Dark Hardwood Wooden flooring

While for the year 2021, you can see the trend incline toward white floors. However, most people still prefer dark hardwood flooring. It matches ideally with most households, especially because it renders a traditional and rustic scheme, almost like a modern farmhouse look.

4. Fumed wood

Fuming is the procedure of colouring the wood after placing it in a vat and hitting it with ammonia vapour. This brings natural stains and tannins to the wood surface. The more the tannins come in contact with the ammonia, the wood turns into a shade darker. They further use this technique to add hue, colour and shadow to the wood, ensuring that it does not duplicate the other wood floors.

5. Distressed style Wooden flooring

You cannot simply deny its popularity. The look replicates ageing while emanating a raw and antique finish. People vastly prefer the style of distressed wooden floors to give the illusion of an ancient appearance.

Benefits of Installing Hardwood Floors

• They render a natural look and finish
• You can easily care and maintain them without much effort
• It increases the resale value of the house
• Effectively complements the interior design of the house

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