Know All About Laminate Floorings and Understand Your Options

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Today, laminate floorings have become a popular and preferable option among most people. As it is a cheaper option and alternative to natural hardwood or stone floorings, laminate flooring is also available in various style options, uniquely complimenting the house decor. However, while purchasing it, you should keep different variables in mind.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Also called floating floor or floating tiles, the professionals lay it on top of the existing linoleum, subfloor, or hard surface, including concrete. They need not fasten or flue it to the floor. You bound four layers of the material together, further coating it with resin on top and the bottom.

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The Different Elements of the Laminate Floors

  1. The Wear Layer – Also known as the top layer of the flooring, the whole floor gets a shiny and finished outlook. It is a strong and durable option capable of withstanding heavy footfall, pet claws, furniture legs and more. Further, it protects the printed layer from the sun rays that would otherwise discolour.
  1. The Printed Layer – It makes for an innovative flooring outlook, with the pattern and markings that you can see. You can give it any appearance as per preference, like stone, marble or natural wood floors.
  1. The Fireboard layer – This is the high-density fireboard made from processed softwood mixed with wax and resin. The coating is formed with heat and pressure, creating different panels. Afterwards, they are cut so that they click together. This completely eliminates the need to attach every board with another one.
  1. Backing Layer – This layer keeps the flooring straight, entirely sealed to keep away the moisture. This ensures that the floor stability and shape is not compromised from underneath. Other high-end laminates have foam paddings, which eliminates the need for a separate floor underlay.


Factors to Consider Before Buying Laminate Floorings  

  • Types  

Laminate floors mimic the look of stones, wood or tile. The patterns are convincing and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the indoors.

  • Thickness

They are available in thicknesses of 6 to 12mm. Its thickness determines the sound insulation levels, its resistance to warping with time and how it can mask the flooring imperfections. You will get a thin plank for a smooth subfloor, and the thick plank is suitable for uneven floors.

  • Width  

Laminates are available in planks of different width, from 3 inches to 7 inches wide and more. You can choose your option according to the size of the room and the price. Experts suggest narrow planks for small spaces because it enhances the look and is easy to install.

  • Texture  

While several laminate floors have a smooth and even surface, others are textured or embossed to get a realistic look. You can choose to go for the distressed look or those mimicking antique floors. Based on your selection, you can emanate the appropriate home interiors.


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