Learn How To Install Laminate Floors In Your Kitchen Like A Pro

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One of the main reasons why people want to install laminate floors in their house is because they are moisture-resistant. You can control the amount of moisture on the floor coverings and keep away water from the core. In spite of having a thin surface, the layer is very durable. Even maintaining them is quite easy as the static force is controllable. You can replace the planks easily when necessary since the floor is floating.
If you are willing to reap all these benefits by installing laminate floors in your kitchen, hire experienced flooring professionals in Reigate and follow the tips stated below.

Installing Laminate Floors In Your Kitchen? 4 Quick Tips For You

  • Keep Away Water Damages

Even if the laminate floor you are planning to install is waterproof, make sure you keep it away from water. They are not suitable for floors and even have water absorption limits. There were a few instances when water was allowed to sit on ceramic tiles for an extended period of the time, and the floor started absorbing it. Since you are planning to install laminate flooring in your kitchen, opt for vinyl sheets as they are non-porous and completely impermeable.

Laminate Flooring

  • Seal The Laminate Surface

The only weak areas in the laminate are the edges. Flooring manufacturers seal the top and coat the bottom, but the edges are generally kept raw. They start soaking water which deteriorates the flooring’s quality and performance. The seams seen on the top of properly installed laminate floors are very tight and almost non-existent. Quarter-round or baseboards use to cover the perimeter which prevents water from reaching the core. Approach an experienced supplier of laminate flooring in Reigate, and you can assure that the floor is made of real wood and not pressed board.

  • Choose Laminate With Scratch Resistance Properties

Since the appeal and functionality of the laminate floors you are installing in your kitchen are equally important, opt for products with superior scratch resistance features. The primary function of the clear melamine top layer is to keep the flooring protected from abuse. The primary focus of a majority of the people installing laminate flooring is on the floor’s durability. It is advisable to find laminate with AC-4 levels rating. They are suitable even for commercial use.

  • Replace The Planks When Necessary

The planned obsolescence of laminate floors is considering a vital characteristic of laminate floors. The floors are divided into sections which are an added advantage. If you ever feel that any of its section has become old and requires replacement, just remove it and place a new plank without any fuss. If you can’t find suitable replacement boards, approach an experienced company supplying laminate flooring in and around Reigate.
These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above, and even you can install laminate floors in your kitchen like a professional. Contact at https://www.inspiral-flooring.co.uk/contact-us/