Things to Consider While Selecting the Right Laminate Flooring

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Laminate Flooring makes your house look elegant and gorgeous. It makes even an ordinary interior looks luxurious by all means. This is the reason; often, homeowners prefer to have laminate floors for their new builds. In some cases, they even replace the old floors of their house with new laminate floors to get a stylish look for the same.

While selecting the right laminate floor for your home, it is required to keep a few points in mind. This will make your job easier to determine the type of laminate floor as the best option for your property.


Which Room the Laminate Flooring Will be Installed

Floors that are installed in the living room or in the hallway need to withstand the maximum wear and tear than the other parts of the house. The high foot traffic makes the floor rough too. On the other hand, for the bathroom flooring, you need waterproof laminate floors. So, chose the type of laminate flooring as per the kind of room for which you are buying the same.


Check the AC Rating of the Laminate Flooring

AC rating indicates the durability of the laminate flooring. It is a 1-6 rating which tells you the level of the durability of the laminate floor you are about to buy. AC4 and AC5 are the two most common ratings found in the market. It is highly recommended to pay attention to these ratings to ensure that the laminate you are buying will be a good one as per your environment.


Selecting the Flawless Finish

Laminate floor comes with different types of finishes; just like the solid and engineered wood floor. While selecting the right finish of the laminate flooring, focus on your lifestyle inside the house rather than the look you can obtain through that finish. The distressed or low-gloss finish of the laminate floor would be a perfect choice for the houses that have kids and pets.

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Check the Depth of the Floor

Different types of laminate flooring offer several types of depths. The thickness of the floor has a great impact on its performance and look as well. The thicker the laminate will be the more it will look like hardwood floors and work as per the same. The thickness has a good impact on the durability of your floor too. Thinner laminate floors are less expensive, but they are less durable as well.

These are some common points that every buyer and homeowner should keep in mind while shopping for the laminate floor for their house. The aim of using a laminate floor is to get a durable, smart and attractive flooring option for the property.

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