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Hardwood floors look gorgeous and elegant for all types of properties. Whether you have a luxurious bungalow or a sophisticated office in Surrey, you need to take proper care of your hardwood floors. These types of floors look chic, but they need proper maintenance to hold that exclusive look.

It is necessary to clean them regularly to get that classy look intact for an extended period. Though hardwood floors cannot be categorised as an “easy-to-maintain” type of floor, you can have some easy techniques to remove stains from your hardwood flooring.

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Remove Stains from Hardwood Flooring

Before you start working on stains on your hardwood flooring, you should know the types of stains these floors can have. This will help you to understand the most effective process of combat with a particular type of stain and get the desired result.

Stains on hardwood can be of two types; white and black. White stains affect the upper layer of the hardwood floors, and it reduces the shine and glow of the same. On the other hand, black stains affect the deeper layers and affect the wood’s colour.


  • Removal of White Stains

Removal of white stains is easier than removing black stains. Mineral oil, baking soda or mineral spirit is the best items to use for removing such stains. You can use a soft microfiber cloth for applying mineral oil on the floor to wipe the white stains. It takes 24 hours to dry and show you the result. You can use mineral spirit in the same manner.

Apart from these, some homeowners prefer to use toothpaste or mayonnaise on these white stains to give the hardwood flooring a shiny look.


  • Removal of Black Stains

If you notice deeper stains on your hardwood floors, then you can try sanding them down. Sanding down the upper layer of the hardwood floor will allow you to get a re-finish look of the floor where no stains can be visible. It is better to check with the manufacturer of the hardwood floors that how much sanding your floor can receive.

In some cases, over sanding can ruin the texture and durability of the hardwood, which is not good.

In some other cases, the experts of hardwood floor cleaning advice to use chlorine bleach on the floor to remove black stains. However, this can be risky for the shiny look of the hardwood. Hence you should take the help of the professionals before using the bleach on the same.


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