Most Common Hardwood Floor Style Trends in 2020

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Whenever it comes to get something classy and aesthetically pleasing for the floors, property owners vote for hardwood floor without any hesitation. This is 2020, and the trend is still on. In this recent time also homeowners prefer to invest in hardwood floors to get something unique, aesthetically brilliant and long-lasting for their homes.

However, not all the hardwood floors can offer you the same efficiency. The quality depends on the quality of the wood and the procedure of making them. Besides, the hardwood flooring manufacturers and installers come up with a lot of varieties in the market to fulfil the ever-changing needs of their clients. Most of these manufacturers follow the current trends of interior design and prepare the style of the hardwood floors to match the same.

As a buyer, you should also be aware of the common hardwood trends in 2020 before you install the floor at your house.

The Common Hardwood Floor Trends In 2020

White Oak is Winning the Match

Whether you are an interior designer or a homeowner, the appeal of white oak as hardwood flooring is universal. This is one of the current trends in this year. The white oak hardwood floors are affordable and durable. Besides, they offer that desired organic texture to your rooms and keep the interior ambience warm and classy.

Wider Planks Look Super Cool

If you wish to get a distinctive look for your rooms, then follow the trend of having wider wooden plants instead of the slim ones. Wider planks are one of the increasingly popular choices in the market of hardwood flooring. They make your rooms look larger and spacious. You can have a contemporary feel when you use wider wooden planks on the floor.

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Harwood Floor with Light Brown Shade is Trendy

While talking about the current hardwood floor trends in 2020, we cannot ignore the craze for the light brown shade. Whether it is your home office or the living room – this shade can make the room looks elegant, classy and smart. This European look makes the entire room sophisticated and bright.

Important Things About Hardwood Floor to Note

No matter whether you choose light brown hardwood flooring or the white oak planks – you need to keep certain points in your mind to get something desirable and notable.

  • Choose the right kind of hardwood floors based on the interior you have.
  • Ask your interior designer about the best match for your rooms.
  • Contact the top flooring contractors for flawless installation and maintenance.
  • Look for the products that not only look good but affordable as well.
  • Consider the climate of your location before choosing the hardwood flooring.

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