Waterproof Flooring Features: Is This Just for Tiles Option?

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Whenever you hear something about waterproof flooring, you must be thinking about tiles. This is common because we all see them on bathrooms and kitchens where water on the floor is a common matter. It can be the spill of some fruit juice or the overflowing tubs. Thus, homeowners are concerned about having waterproof flooring in those areas.

But now, time has changed. The interior architecture, as well as the interior design ideas, has changed a lot. This has a great impact on the idea and requirement of waterproof flooring as well. Hence, modern homeowners love to have waterproof floors in the other rooms apart from the bathroom and kitchen. The idea is no more limited to tiles. Nowadays, you can have laminate, hardwood, vinyl and other flooring options which come with the waterproof feature.

Check Out the Options for Waterproof Flooring

Vinyl for Affordable Waterproof Flooring

When you wish to get a stylish and durable waterproof floor, then vinyl can be your best option. It locks out liquid successfully. Apart from that, vinyl is a durable flooring option which makes the room look beautiful and attractive. It comes in a range style which can suit different types of interiors.

Laminate Floors with Waterproof Feature

If you wish to get the alluring texture of hardwood on your floors without using the real hardwood, then laminate will be the right choice for you. Now, you can have the added advantage of having waterproof laminate flooring in your house. The new technologies used in laminate flooring make it waterproof so that you can have laminate floors in various rooms.

Waterproof Flooring Services

Hardwood Now Becomes Waterproof Too

Hardwood floors look elegant, but they are often rejected because they are highly sensitive to spills and splashes. But not anymore! Now you can have beautiful hardwood flooring with special waterproof feature. This can be possible because of the advanced technologies that make hardwood floors waterproof with a natural hardwood veneer. Now, your delicate hardwood floors can handle the daily spills and splash without any risks.

Even the Carpets

This may sound a bit absurd, but the fact is now you can have waterproof carpets as well. If you find carpets a good flooring option for your house to obtain a protective layer for the main floor surface, then you should consider having the waterproof carpets. But how can this possible? Well, flexible fibre technology with a waterproof back up makes a carpet for the spills and splashes. There are plush carpets that are pet-proof and kid-proof too.

Whether it is your new build or the existing house, you can always have any of these waterproof flooring options to get something durable and cost-effective for your property.

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