Wood or Carpets: The Best Option for Hotel Flooring

Laminate Flooring

If you are in the hotel business, you might know how important it is to have the perfect flooring for this place. Your guests never ignore the flooring when they come to your hotel. In fact, hotel floors play a vital role in making them a favourite to the guests. A hotel in Oxted with low-quality wood flooring or carpets can lose business easily.

When choosing the right kind of flooring for your commercial place, you need to be aware of the available options. Both wood and carpets are considered nice options for hotel rooms. Then, what would you choose? Wood or carpet?


Let’s see how these two can impact your business.


Benefits of Wood Flooring for Hotels

Wooden floors look extremely elegant. It is a sign of luxury and comfort. Hence, all five-star hotels generally have hardwood flooring for their rooms and lobbies. Moreover, wooden floors have timeless appeal and look classy for all types of properties. Besides, hardwood flooring is easy to maintain, which makes it a favourite flooring option for hotel owners.

However, hardwood floors are not good for concealing noise. Hence, many hotel owners do not find it a good option for their rooms and dining halls. Instead, they use of laminate wood can be a good option to eliminate the noise issue. Laminate wood helps you to create that classy and luxurious look.


Benefits of Carpet Flooring

Carpets come with a bunch of benefits to offer to commercial property owners. Carpets are good for almost every part of your hotel apart from the kitchen and the bathroom. You can use carpet flooring for the lobby, reception, rooms, corridor and stairs. Carpets are available in a wide range of styles, colours, designs and materials. Hence, you can create a unique and stylish interior for your hotel with good quality carpet floors.


Nonetheless, carpets attract bacteria and allergens. Many a time, guests reject a hotel just because they cannot stand carpets that can cause skin allergy, asthma or other kinds of respiratory health issues for them. If you choose carpets for your hotel, you need to keep them clean and tidy throughout the year.


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